Author Topic: Backup & Restore / Clone Addons and Settings  (Read 5589 times)


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Backup & Restore / Clone Addons and Settings
« on: August 25, 2015, 04:19:39 PM »
In the new firmware v1.21 we will preinstall this addon.

If you use a lower version like v1.20 or below, please install XBMCbackup from official KODI repo.
After installation or if preinstalled:

1. From Homescreen, go to the TOP and select Expert Mode.
2. Select Programs
3. Select Backup
4. Plug in a USB Stick or USB HDD.
5. Open Settings
6. Select you Google Drive account, Dropbox account, remote Path or Browse Path.
7. We suggest to use Browse Path and choose your Path (USB Drive).
8. Go back to the BACKUP addon to select Backup or Restore.
9. It will now Backup or Restore the player.

It will copy all addons, settings, etc to the backup, make sure to have enough space on the USB stick if you have alot of addon's installed.
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