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Hardware / Stopped reading hard drive
« on: March 29, 2016, 09:14:41 PM »
Yo guys,
For a while now, this little box has been working like a charm and I've loved my experience with it, however, for literally no reason at all it's stopped reading the hard drive with all my media on it. The drive is read by my laptop and I can play, copy and delete media from it, so I know it's not an issue with that. I've done a factory reset, but still having the same issues on the official firmware 1.2.5.

It makes no sense, and is very frustrating. Does anyone know how I might be able to fix it?

The drive is connected straight into the COOD-E box
In the 'Add Source' menu, this drive USED to be SDA2, but for some reason, now it's SDA1, and just shows an empty list, when I go into it.
If I plug in a thumb drive with a TV show, on, it shows up fine (SDA1), so the issue is somewhere in the link between the hard drive and the COOD-E, but I can't think of anything that's causing the problem.

The box hasn't been rooted, and is running official firmware.

On further testing, if I plug in the hard drive to my laptop and run Kodi on there, then set up UPNP to the COOD-E device, then everything works fine. This is really strange and I might as well just be plugging the laptop into the TV and get €99 back from the store.

Hardware / Re: hevc
« on: March 29, 2016, 11:06:41 AM »
I pretty much only watch HEVC on this - followed coert's tutorials to install Kodi 16.0 and removed the coode version. The only issue is sometimes, the audio is a little out of sync, but that's an easy fix. Takes about 5 seconds to get it in sync then the rest of the movie/show plays brilliantly.

Hardware / Re: USB Hub ?
« on: March 15, 2016, 10:57:55 AM »
Yeah it will, I've got a powered hub with mine and never had any issues with it...

Software / Re: No need for Isengard anymore.!
« on: March 08, 2016, 08:20:36 PM »
root failed `no strategy now´  :o

I'm getting the same issue.

Hardware / Re: Keyboard with integrated Airmouse
« on: March 02, 2016, 09:04:29 PM »
Where can I find a manual in PDF for COOD-E KEY?
I did't get it with the remote.

Didn't you guys get instructions with it? It's super easy to set up and after about 2 minutes, super easy to use haha.

Hardware / Re: Keyboard with integrated Airmouse
« on: February 17, 2016, 09:15:16 AM »
I ordered mine around lunchtime on the 12th (a Friday so allow a few extra days for the weekend) it's now the 17th and I've not received any emails at all, even from DHL like steffcood did.

I'm only in Utrecht, so I don't think it should take this long for it to arrive from Rotterdam - I could go and get it and be home, using it within an hour and a half.....

I'm hoping it arrives today though.

Hardware / Re: Keyboard with integrated Airmouse
« on: February 12, 2016, 01:42:15 PM »
Does anyone know the shipping times of the remote? I've not received a confirmation email, and judging by the forum, noone's received the keyboard yet even though it's been on presale for a while...

Software / Re: Android apps on cood-e
« on: January 26, 2016, 11:15:21 AM »
So I used to have a number of Android apps, before the new update - but now every time I try to install them again it says there's not enough space. I've clicked on the box that shows the memory manager and it's totally full. Is there a way to instal Android Apps onto my external hard drive which is always plugged into the box? This way, they'll still be there when the next update comes :D

Software / Re: Kodi update ?
« on: January 20, 2016, 01:55:53 PM »
Euhh.. Well look at it this way, after resetting and installing addons again you've got plenty series and movies you can watch because if you've got to believe Kodi  you haven't seen any of them.. :-\
Haha... Can't do much about that I suppose .. Or there must be a add on that only makes a backup of you're watched stuff... Maby library backup or something like it..
But I don't know if there is or what addon you will need for it sorry... I think you can't do anything about it...

Thanks Coert - If anyone else is wondering, you can save you're watched status without even needing any addons :

Software / Re: Kodi update ?
« on: January 20, 2016, 01:21:29 PM »


Its best you install everything fresh and not reinstall your back up because youve updated from Helix to Isengard and then there's a change you will get some errors because Helix and Isengard are quit different....

I don't mind re-installing addons etc., but what about all my movies that are marked as watched?

Software / Re: Kodi update ?
« on: January 20, 2016, 12:57:17 PM »
So I've done the update, but still running Kodi 14.1 (Compiled: Aug 28 2015) - When I go to the update menu it tells me there's no updates available,, probably because I've already downloaded it.

If I do a factory reset, will I have to reinstall addons and mark movies as watched again? I've been using the Backup addon, but if I restore from there, won't it put me back to 14.1 AKA square one?

No idea what any of that is, sorry, maybe I'm out of me depth here haha- I'm away this weekend, so can't check it out anymore, so I think I'll call it quits and leave it as it is - At least I can transfer files to Kodi from my laptop, that's a plus.

Thanks for all you're help, maybe I'll come back to it in the New Year or something

So it's still not working. I've left the router side of things as is in the pictures above - but form an external network, I try logging in with the IP found at (using the IP it gives me when I open it on my home network just to be clear) but I still get connection timed out :(

Haha fair enough, figured better safe than sorry :)

I'll try that out when I get home later.
So in my forwarding settings, I leave the 'Local IP' and change the 'External IP', and leave everything else as it is? Or change the local IP to

With the link you posted, will the IP address be the same on all machines on the same network? For example, if I open it on a laptop, will it have the same number as the cood-e?

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