Author Topic: V1.2.5 - 19 Januari 2016 [RELEASED]  (Read 8720 times)


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V1.2.5 - 19 Januari 2016 [RELEASED]
« on: January 18, 2016, 01:14:19 PM »
Firmware update V1.2.5 has been released on 19th Januari 2016.

Your COOD-E TV will prompt for the new update after boot-up.
(Make sure to be connected trough Wi-Fi or Ethernet).

You can also search manual for the update.
Go to Homescreen -> System (ON TOP) -> Check for updates -> NEW VERSION
Or go trough -> Settings -> General -> Other -> Check for updates -> NEW VERSION

- Changelog
*KODI Update to v15.2

*Addons updated to Isengard repo. (Also fixes Youtube Addon)

*Minor skin fixes.

*Support for COOD-E Key "Keyboard with Airmouse"
(Will be in stores februari)

*Some minor bug fixes.

-- There will be a minor update in the future, to fix the OTA server for BETA testing, atm we having some issue's with this, so we where unable to activate this for our tester group --

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