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memory expansion
« on: June 12, 2016, 03:55:39 PM »
Because my machine stuck continuity in menu and applications, and often needs restart, i started to research a little.

looking at the system info i saw that my cood-e has only 192 MB memory free and that is weird.

I read in ( that the machine has 8GB and i wonder where did consumed all that GBs, but I have not figured out yet.

After that i go to storage menu and there i saw that:

/storage/emulated/0  Size 4.4 - used 0.5 - avail 3.9 - use% 12.

In the last line of the Hardware menu says: Total memory 815MB.

It is something i did not understand;

I finally understood that the machine has 1GB memory and that the 8GB (4.4 in my case i dont know why) is something like hard drive(SDcard). I do not know many things about the technology sorry.

Can someone help on how to use one USB 32GBs as additional memory, assuming that this will improve performance.
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